Privacy and Data Protection Policy
LC WAIKIKI S.A.R.L, a limited liability company incorporated and existing under the laws of Morocco, registered under commercial license number (RC) 263877, having its address at Immeuble Horizon, lot N°9. Mandarona, 300. 4ème étage, Sidi maarouf. Ain chock. Casablanca 20026 Morocco, part of the international LC WAIKIKI group of companies, part of the international LC WAIKIKI group of companies under the organization of LC Waikiki Mağazacılık Hizmetleri Tic. A.Ş. (the “Company” or “We”); respects the privacy of its customers' and uses its best effort to ensure the protection of their personal data and information, by complying with all applicable legislation relating to the protection of personal data particularly the Law 0908 related to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data which is in force in Morocco.
For this purpose, we implement the following Privacy and Data Protection Policy (“Policy”), which sets out the main aspects in relation to which personal data we collect and process on our Website, for what purposes we collect and process such data, how we use such information, how you can change such information, your preferences for our communication with you as well as how we ensure the protection of such personal data and your rights relating to your personal data. The Company is the controller of the data collected and processed on the Website, subject to the data processed by third parties that provide related services through our Website.
We comply with the applicable legal provisions and the personal data we receive and/or collect from you, process, store or keep are processed according to the applicable legislation and exclusively for the purposes provided within this Policy. The data processing performed by the Company through the Website has been declared to the Moroccan Data Protection Authority (the “Commission Nationale de Contrôle de la Protection des Données à Caractère Personnel”, “CNDP”) under the number DCE535/2018.
It is important to mention that this Policy applies to you irrespective of the manner how you access our website, respectively it covers any device through which our Website is made accessed by you (via phone, tablet, PC etc.).
Mention should be made that our cookies policy is part of this Policy.
We reserve the right to amend the present Policy. If the Policy is amended, we undertake to publish the new version on the Website at least fifteen (15) days before the effective date. If you do not agree with the terms of this new version, you have the option to close your account opened on the Website.
A. Acceptance of the Privacy and Data Protection Policy
Before further action on our Website, we strongly recommend you to read this Policy carefully.
If you do not agree with this Policy and you do not want your personal data to be used as it is detailed herein, you should not accept the registration of cookies on your device, not accept our Policy and therefore not provide us with your personal data.
B. What Personal Data We Collect Personal data
When you access or browse our Website, as well as when you make online purchases through our Website, when you subscribe to our ebulletins and website which announce our services and campaigns and more generally when you use the different services of our Website, we will collect some of your personal data to serve you better, such as:
  • identity details such as your name, family name, gender, date of birth;
  • email address, phone number;
  • billing details and delivery addresses;
  • personal interests, feedback, browsing and shopping preferences;
  • your IP.
Please note that order for you to be able to create a personal account on our Website, to make any online purchase and more generally to use our services that require your data, it is mandatory for you to provide us with the required personal data on the relevant forms. If you do not agree to provide us such personal data, or if you provide us inaccurate data, you will not be able to create your own personal account and/or to make purchases on our Website.
Technical and statistical data and information
We mention that, beside the personal data detailed above, we can collect information about your device, as well as other statistical and technical data and information, such as frequency and duration of your visit of the Website, times of ordering and IP address at the time of ordering, statistics about product pages visited and ordered products.
These data are collected and used by us in order to analyze your visitor actions and preferences, to administer the website, for statistical purposes and for security reasons.
The statistical and technical data provided by your browser and/or device can also be used for marketing and advertising purposes, with the mention that these data will not be connected with your personal data and will not be used to identify you.
Data and information regarding the payment (bank information and/or payment card details)
As part of the processing of any order, and depending on the payment method selected by you when placing your order, you will be requested to provide data regarding your bank account, information regarding your credit card, following for such data to be used both for performing any payments to us or for our refunds to you, as the case may be.
We mention that in such case, you will offer your payment data directly to the payment processor and not to us and therefore, you will be subject to the privacy policy of the payment processor.
We recommend you to read these terms and conditions before selecting this payment method. The credit card information used for placing your order shall never be kept or stored in our system.
C. How We Use Collected Personal Data
Accordingly, we collect your personal data for the following purposes:
  • To create a private account for you on LC WAIKIKI website (e.g. your name, email);
  • To process your orders through online services (e.g. your name, address, date of birth) and to ensure communication with you, in order for us to fulfil our obligations deriving from any transaction concluded between you and us;
  • To send SMS notifications to inform you about deliveries (e.g. your cell phone number);
  • To send marketing offers such as news bulletin catalogues, promotional campaigns and etc. (e.g. your email address, name and mail address);
  • To inform you about delivery problems relating to your ordered products (e.g. your phone number, street address);
  • To respond to your queries and inform you about new or changed services (e.g. your email address);
  • To analyze your personal information and to gain a better understanding of your shopping preferences, so that we can provide you with marketing offers and information that fits your preferences (e.g. your email address, shopping habits, other technical and statistical data);
  • To verify that you are of legal age for online shopping (e.g. your date of birth);
  • To carry out trend and statistical analyses, including for marketing and other intern purposes of the company;
  • To reinforce website security;
  • To comply with legal and regulatory provisions.
Please note that; we do not and will not knowingly collect information from any unsupervised person under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, you must not use this website or submit any personal data to us.
D. How We Share Collected Personal Data
The personal data collected on the website may be shared with, disclosed to or processed by our personnel or partner companies that provide related services (such as companies providing cargo and delivery services, call centres, database services, advertising and marketing agencies etc.). The data may only be disclosed in order to pursue the purposes mentioned above.
We can disclose and/or transfer your personal data to our affiliates, namely the group companies of LC WAIKIKI Mağazacılık Hizmetleri A.Ş., but also to relevant governmental authorities where law so requires, in order to better serve our customers and fulfill our obligations towards customers.
However, your personal data is in any case protected by the Company and we also make sure that such companies with which your personal data is shared to protect and ensure privacy of the same level for your personal data.
All personal data and other information we collect from you can be transferred outside Morocco, with the mention that in such case we take all technical and organizational measures according to the applicable legislation regarding the transfer of personal data. The purpose of this use is operating Single Sign On (“SSO”) system. Under favour of this system, customers do not have to register each LC Waikiki ECommerce platforms wordwide. It helps to have unique customer information on each platform. Customers can shop on any platform with one single account and send products to any location LC Waikiki delivers. Customers can track all orders under one account. SSO prevents customers from getting confused because they can use any LC WAIKIKI platform with one single account. It prevents customers from bad user experience because of different email addresses and passwords which are used LC WAIKIKI platforms. It serves better shopping experience. Otherwise, customers can register with different email addresses and password to each LC WAIKIKI platform and be confused during login process. For marketing purposes, customers are communicated for only preferred country and in only preferred language which are selected in Profile section on the platforms. SSO prevents customers to get different emails from different countries in case they are registered in more than one platform. It helps customers to get much more personalized emails from LC WAIKIKI. Your data will be particularly transferred to these countries: Turkey, Germany, France, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine
Other than that, your personal data is never disclosed to any third parties, whether real persons or legal entities, that have no commercial relationship with us for the purposes of this Website and is not used or sold for any commercial purpose.
Some data could be collected through our Website directly by third parties or transferred by us that provide related services or in connection hereto, [such as social network providers and service providers. This data processing is carried out under the sole liability of the data controllers and LC WAIKIKI assumes no liability regarding this data processing.
E. Cookies policy
This section refers to the cookies and web pages operated by LC WAIKIKI. Please note that in order to insure the proper functioning of this Website, we sometimes place small data files called cookies on your device.
A cookie is a small text file (letters and numbers) that a website places on your computer, telephone or any other device when you visit the website, with information about your navigation on that website. The cookies are installed by request issued by the webserver to a browser (e.g.: Internet Explorer, Chrome) and does not contain any software, spyware or virus programs and cannot access information from the hardware of the user. The function of the cookie is to enable our website to remember your actions and preferences (such as login, language, font size and other display preferences) over a period of time, so you don’t have to keep reentering them whenever you come back to the site or browse from one page to another.
Use of Cookies
The cookies are industry standards used to make sure that your shopping on our website is more efficient and safe and cookies are used on all shopping websites.
Cookies represent a part of our website functions, having as main purpose to improve and ease your experience on our Website. By remembering your actions as user and identifying you, the use of cookies sustain the efforts of LC WAIKIKI to offer you the best services. Also, by using cookies, we are able to inform you in a fast and easy manner about our offers, this being an easy way of online advertising.
Moreover, the information collected in the cookies allows us to improve the Website and to adapt its content to the user’s preferences and individual needs, to improve the result of the searches, to maintain and enhance the functionality and performance of the Website.
The cookies used on the Website are, in all cases, of a temporary nature, used solely to improve the efficiency of the last transmission. The cookies used by the website are solely associated to anonymous users and their computers and do not provide personal details on users.
The cookies used by our Website will not be used for any other purposes than the ones stated.
What type of cookies are used on this website?
Our Website uses the following types of cookies:
  • Technical cookies
These allow the user to browse our Website and use functions such as the shopping basket or wishlist.
  • Analytical cookies
LC WAIKIKI uses analytics cookies to calculate the number of users who visit its website and are registered. These cookies make it possible to measure and analyze the way in which users browse this Website.
  • Preference cookies
Whenever users are browsing or shopping on this Website, the site will remember their preferences (e.g. their location or preferred language). Thanks to these cookies, we are able to offer users a simple, more convenient and personalized browsing experience.
  • Advertising cookies
These cookies are used to show advertisements that are relevant to users and helps LC WAIKIKI to measure the effectiveness of its advertising campaigns. When browsing on the Website, users accept that LC WAIKIKI will download these types of cookies on their devices and will consult when the user visits the Website in the future.
Who uses the information stored in cookies?
The information stored in cookies on our website is used exclusively by us, with the exception of those identified further on as "third party cookies", which are used and managed by external bodies that provide us with services requested by us to improve our services and the user's experience when navigating our website. The main services for which these "third party cookies" are used are to obtain statistics on access and to secure payment transactions carried out.
F. How do I disable and delete the use of cookies?
You can control and/or delete, restrict or block cookies from this Website at any time by modifying the configuration of your browser. You can delete all cookies that are already on your computer and you can set most browsers to prevent them from being placed. If you do this, however, you may have to manually adjust some preferences every time you visit a site and some services and functionalities may not work.
While the configuration of every browser is different, cookies configuration is usually carried out in the "Preferences" or "Tools" menu. For more details about the configuration of cookies in your browser, please check your browser's "Help" menu.
G. How can I avoid using cookies on this website?
If you prefer to avoid using cookies on this Website, you will first need to disable cookies in your browser. Please note that if you choose to disable cookies, you will not be able to take advantage of all our features and you may not be able to access certain functions of our Website.
By continuing to use the LC WAIKIKI website you accept our cookies policies.
H. Security and Protection of Data
The Company respects the privacy of its customers' personal information and uses its best efforts using the latest technology to ensure the same.
All physical, electronic and managerial measures are adopted to ensure the security of our system. All data is stored and backed up in secure servers at home and abroad. The data obtained through our website our transferred via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology that ensures secure transfer of data.
On pages where you provide your payment details on our website, you will notice that at the far right on the address line (depending on the browser you use) there appears the image of a lock or key and the first letters appearing on this address line change from http to https. If you see this, you can be sure that our website is on secure servers.
I. The rights of our customers and visitors regarding their personal data
It is important for us to insure you all your rights in connection with your personal data, reason for which we would like to inform you that, according to the applicable law, you have the following rights:
  • The access right to the personal data: you have the right to obtain from us, at request and free of any charge, at reasonable intervals, the confirmation that the personal data concerning you are or not collected and processed by us, together with all the other mandatory information provided by applicable law (ie. Article 7§a of Morrocan law n° 0908). The right of rectification of the personal data: you have the right to obtain, at request and free of charge, the rectification, update, blocking or erasure of the personal data which do not comply with the legal requirements, specifically the incomplete or inaccurate personal data. Any of these operations could imply the notification of the third parties to whom your personal data have been disclosed of any of these operations.
  • The right of opposition: subject to legal provision requiring the continuation of the data processing, you have the right to oppose, at any moment, based on legitimate reasons, the processing of any personal data concerning you. In case your opposition is justified, we will no longer process such data. Also, you have the right to oppose in any moment, free of any charge and without any justification, that the personal data concerning you to be processed for marketing purposes directly or to be disclosed to a third party for this purpose hereof.
  • The right to not be submitted to an individual decision: you have the right to request and to obtain the withdrawal or cancellation of any decision that produces legal for you, decision adopted exclusively based on a processing of the personal data performed through automatic means, with the purpose to evaluate some aspects of your personality or the reevaluation of such decision.
  • The right to address to the justice: without any limitation of the right to address a complaint to the supervisory authority, you have the right to address to the justice for the defence of any rights guaranteed by law that have been violated.
  • The right to erasure (”right to be forgotten”): you have the right to request, at any moment, free of charge, the erasure of your personal data if such the personal data are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed and in any other cases provided by the applicable legislation.
You can exercise these rights by filling the Subject Access Request form that is available at any moment on our Website at the following address: Subject Access Request Form. As mentioned in this form and in accordance with applicable laws, we will need evidence of your identity to process your request.
J. Newsletters, messages and alerts. Opting out of eBulletin Subscription
We offer you the right to control whether or not to receive during your whole experience on our Website.
In this respect and in compliance with Article 10 of Moroccan law n° 09°8, please be informed that, for the purposes of direct marketing, since we initially collect your personal data in the context of the sale of our products through our Website, we reserve the right to send you, by email, marketing communications regarding products or services that are similar to those you previously purchased.
For any other direct marketing communication, we require your consent to further use your personal data, as offered by you
Please note that you can always revoke your consent for data processing carried out on this legal ground, including on each of the occasions you receive one of our messages and unsolicited communication.
If you choose to opt out of ebulletin subscription continuously and at any time, you can easily opt out, free of charge and in an easy manner from the ebulletin subscription, (i) by clicking on the link "If you do not wish to receive such emails, please click to unsubscribe" appearing in ebulletins which we send to you on a regular basis or by submitting a notice to moroccocrm@lcwaikiki.com with your membership email or (ii) simply by filling and sending us the Subject Access Request form that is available at any moment on our Website.
Subject Access Request Form
You can get in touch with us using the following contact details:
  • Address: Immeuble Horizon, lot N°9. Mandarona, 300. 4ème étage, Sidi maarouf. Ain chock. Casablanca 20026 Morocco
  • Telephone: 0 8000 00529
  • Email: moroccocrm@lcwaikiki.com